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  • The Sales Hacker ConferencePresented by ToutApp

    On Oct, 17th, we are bringing together a stellar mix of sales and technical presenters that will teach young B2B startups how to hack sales and compete with the 800 pound gorillas in their space.

    Join Aaron Ross, Jason Lemkin, Mark Roberge and other experienced CEOs and Sales SVPs as well as young budding entrepreneurs who share strategies, tactics and actionable hacks to grow your sales.


October 17th, 2013 / San Francisco

JOIN US This is not your ordinary sales conference.

Sessions at the Sales Hacker Conference will be interactive and engaging. Our presenters will not just be telling stories about how things were done at their previous company. Instead, we will have incredible demos, actionable insights, and Q&A sessions so you can fully connect with our presenters.

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Presenters We've got an all-star lineup

Aaron Ross

Author of Predictable Revenue

Developed Outbound Sales at Salesforce

Armando Mann

VP of Sales, RelateIQ

Previously at Dropbox, Google

Mark Roberge

SVP of Sales, Hubspot

Inbound Sales specialist at leading Inbound company

Doug Landis

SVP of Sales Productivity, Box

Previously at Salesforce, Google, Oracle

Heidi Tucker

VP of Alliances and BD, InsideView

Previously SVP of Enterprise Sales
First Research, Hoovers, Bank of America

Ilya Lichtenstein

Co-Founder & CEO, Mixrank

YC backed and Mentor at 500 Startups

Scott Zimmerman

Co-Founder & CEO, Xola

Self-taught programmer.
Medical Doctor & Training at Stanford

Jason Lemkin

Co-Founder & CEO, Echosign

Sold multiple companies
Drops knowledge at SaaStr

Jaspar Weir

Co-Founder & President, Taskus

Built big businesses based on outsourcing. Used by many in SV.

Jon Bischke

Co-Founder & CEO, Entelo

Founded and Sold 3 companies
Former EIR at Battery Ventures

Matt Cameron

VP of Sales, Scripted

Previously at Salesforce, Yammer

Max Altschuler

VP of Business Development, AttorneyFee

Built marketplace supply at Udemy

Tawheed Kader

Founder & CEO, ToutApp

Previously Plaxo
and Bridgewater Associates

Darren Waddell

VP of Marketing, Radius Intelligence

Former VP at
Merchant Circle, Payvement


8:15 AM Registration & Breakfast


9:00 AM

Welcoming remarks by conference organizers

9:05 AM

Keynote by Aaron Ross

Author, Predictable Revenue

Lead Gen

9:45 AM

Ilya Lichtenstein (CEO, Mixrank), J. Scott Zimmerman (CEO, Xola), Max Altschuler (Conference Organizer)

10:15 AM

Jaspar Weir

President, Taskus

10:45 AM

Darren Waddell

VP of Marketing, Radius Intelligence


11:15 AM

Tawheed Kader

Founder & CEO, ToutApp

11:45 AM

Armando Mann

SVP of Sales and Customer Success, RelateIQ

12:15 PM Lunch Break

Sponsored by Scriptd


1:00 PM

Matt Cameron

VP of Sales, Scripted

1:30 PM

Heidi Tucker

VP of Alliances & Business Development, InsideView

2:00 PM

Brian Jacobs (Founder & General Partner, Emergence Capital Partners), Ask a SaaS VC

Sponsored by Emergence Capital Partners

2:30 PM Coffee Break

Sponsored by Fliptop


3:00 PM

Doug Landis

SVP of Sales Productivity, Box

3:30 PM

Jon Bischke

Co-founder & CEO, Entelo

4:00 PM

Mark Roberge

SVP of Sales, Hubspot

4:30 PM

Jason Lemkin

Co-founder & CEO, Echosign, SaaStr

Startup Analysis

5:00 PM

Jason Lemkin & Aaron Ross

5:30 PM

Closing Remarks

5:30 PM - 8:00 PM Sales Hacker Conference Happy Hour

Sponsored by MobileWorks

JOIN US FOR THE DAY AT Broadway Studios

CONTACT US Join the Sales Hacker Movement

For Press, Volunteers and Questions, contact Max: maxalt.live@gmail.com.

For Sponsorships, contact Sponsors@saleshackerconference.com.